Inspiring Others with Your Business

Inspiring others is a beautiful thing.

Watching something that you say resonate with someone so deeply that it causes them to make a BOLD move is an amazing thing to watch.

Just imagine how many people were inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. during his “I have a dream” speech, or how many people went out to change the world for the better like Mother Teresa. Each was only one person, but with an idea and their own inspiration they were able to change the world as well as influence others to do so. They created a platform and became the megaphone to share the big vision with the people around them.

They didn’t sit and waste time figuring out the best time to launch, the right audience, or the perfect social media platform to get on. They didn’t have  a fully stocked Email List, the best funnel, or a huge Instagram following, but they had inspiration and a vision of where they wanted to go.

So what inspires you? How are you inspiring others in your business?

Inspiration literally means, “to breath into”. You are taking your message and breathing it into the people around you everyday. Some of these will be your ideal audience, some will not. Your main priority is to position yourslef to know who YOU are what inspires You and then the people will come next.

It is absolutely inmportant to know who your audience is, however, if you do not know who you are, then it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to find your ideal audience.

Finding your Inspire, to Inspire:

There are a few areas you will want to look at when learning how to inspire those around you and they just happen to fit into INSPIRE.

Interact with those around you

Nurture your relationships

Show up

Provide the vision

Innovate in your field

Receive feedback

Expect the best of people

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