Countdown to Mother’s Day: The Top 4 Gifts of the Year

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Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate mom, for all she has done from cuddles to clean-up to being the person you can go to for every joy and challenge in life.

I think about my Mother-in-Law during this time because she has been a fantastic addition to my family and is there to laugh with, have a drink with, and we can both roll our eyes at my husband. 🙂

One of the most difficult things about Mother’s Day is the gift. What do you get for one of the most important people in your life? As a mom myself, I hate getting trinkets that will never get used and just sit around the house #morecleaningforme or things that end up in a box or thrown out because they have no place.

I would rather have a sentimental or super useful thing that makes my life a little easier. I went ahead and narrowed it down for you to the top 4 things that mom will want for Mother’s Day this year.

Meaningful Jewelry

Over the years we have seen a lot of different types of mom jewelry come out and a lot of it is tacky and hard to wear any day, but Mother’s Day.

One of my favorite companies is Simply Silver and they have cute meaningful jewelry that mom will love!

One of those is this little bear and mommy bear necklace that I have. I love that it shows all of us and my toddlers love to ask which bear they are.

Use Code: THEMOM for 15% off your next order

Unbreakable Glasses

My kids love to rip my glasses off my face and when you pay your right arm to get glasses it can get very frustrating very fast. When I worked in childcare, I had this issue all the time and replaced a countless amount of glasses from some quick little people who had to have them in their hands.

Ro Sham Bo fixes all of that. I can get sunglasses as well as prescription glasses that bend anyway I want them to and if little hands and mouths want to discover the world of eye care it doesn’t mean a trip to the store to buy new glasses.

Check out how well they stand up to even a car running over them!

I personally have the prescription transition lenses that I love using at the beach or when we are running errands. They make life so much easier because I don’t need to have  prescription sunglasses made along with my regular glasses.

Use code imaginationsigning for 10% off your next order

Robo Vacuum

I hate cleaning…

So much so that I try and find anything that makes the time I do have to clean shorter. With 3 toddlers I need all the help I can get too, especially when they are eating every crumb off the floor!

An robo vauum is the answer. All I have to do is plug it in, it goes and cleans on the schedule I set #duringnaptime and #afterbedtime and then all the mess is gone so I can focus on writing, recording podcasts, or cleaning the bathroom.

 If you find a robot to clean the bathroom though I will be the first on board!

 You can find my favorite here

 Want to shop around at all the options? Check them out here

One Serving Blender

I am one busy mama and being able to take time for a healthy meal is hard and doesn’t always happen. When I finally was like, “enough is enough”, I invested in a Nutribullet. I got mine from Costco and it came with 3 cups, which was great cause I hate dishes too #obviouslycleaningisnotmything. That means I can have all 3 meals from my blender without having to wash dishes 16 times a day.

I loved it so much I found a protein shake mix that I love (called LadyBoss) and it tastes like birthday cake 😉

Any option you pick mom will love because she loves you, but think through your chose so that you can see her still enjoying your gift at Mother’s Day next year 🙂

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