Email Marketing SALE of the Year!

Are you ready for the best Cyber Monday Deal of the Year? Me too! And you know this year it is ConvertKit’s Deal for one month free for new Subscribers or get 12 months of ConvertKit for only 9 months of cost! That means you get 3 moths free! The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you are a new Subscriber or not! You can jump on the 3 free months for this coming year even if you ALREADY have a ConvertKit Account!

Loving ConvertKit like I do, I would totally jump on that because this literally never happens for current Subscribers.

If you are new to Email Marketing or are looking to switch the one month free special is amazing because it gives you all of December to get your ducks in a row before you get charged at the beginning of the year!

Think about that, 30 days to get everything migrated over or up and running so that you can start the year off fresh and already have all of your funnels put together!

But you are not going to want to wait on these deals because they start today November 24, 2017, and run until Cyber Monday, November 27, 2017.

To sweeten the deal I have just finished my ConvertKit course that you can get for more than 75% off if you sign-up through one of the links on this page. That means that the normal $199 course with everything you need to know about ConvertKit and getting started you get for only $49!

That is seriously a steal because this course is chalked full of step-by-step tutorials that help you get from signing-up to those amazing converting Funnels everyone is talking about.

And this is the only place to get that deal too! Everyone else will only get 50% off when it officially launches on Cyber Monday!

If you are on the fence and have some questions about ConvertKit or this special feel free to Email me at

I know it can be a scary step, but until you jump in, you will never know what could happen and where you could be at this time next year!

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