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Join your host Kabrina Budwell, Email Marketing Strategist, Tech Guru, and Disney lover as we get to know more about our businesses and our families. Come be a mom and Entrepreneur all in one place!

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Hildur Sam

What do you need for your relationship to be successful? There are a few ingredients, like love, respect, and good communication. I’m pretty sure you have the first two down, and Hildur Sam is here to help you with your third! You are more than ready. Ready to take the next step in your relationship, get in front of all those petty arguments, misunderstandings, and days of silent treatment, and really make a change! That’s what Hildur at Valley Communication is all about – getting you out of the communication rut and help you apply a few simple techniques to your real life situations to achieve your best relationship. #couplegoals

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Show Notes

Today we talked about Communication in Marriage and how many times we are not listening as well as we should be to our spouse and our clients.

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