This review is done as part of a promotion. I received the product in exchange for a review. All views are my own. As a mom I find myself not having a lot of jewelry options any more and as my kids get older and out of Mommy Necklaces stage, I no longer have cute things to put on when I go out. (you know those seldom occasions without kids 😉 ) I am also
Inspiring others is a beautiful thing. Watching something that you say resonate with someone so deeply that it causes them to make a BOLD move is an amazing thing to watch. Just imagine how many people were inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. during his “I have a dream” speech, or how many people went out to change the world for the better like Mother Teresa. Each was only one person, but with an idea and
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Are you ready for the best Cyber Monday Deal of the Year? Me too! And you know this year it is ConvertKit’s Deal for one month free for new Subscribers or get 12 months of ConvertKit for only 9 months of cost! That means you get 3 moths free! The best part is that it doesn’t matter if you are a new Subscriber or not! You can jump on the 3 free months for this
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If you are anything like me, you find a pair of cute kid or baby sunglasses and you snatch them up for your precious little one to keep their eyes shaded and to take some cute pictures of them in those sunglasses too! Well I have also found that 30 seconds after I hand my 3 year old daughter these ADORABLE sunglasses, I end up hearing a ‘SNAP!’ in the back seat of my car
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In honor of the holidays being kicked off this week by Thanksgiving, I found it fitting for all of us Mamas to start a list of all the crazy things that our Mothers or Mother-in-Laws say to us that is just funny, crazy, or outright maddening! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my Mother-in-Law, but there are occasions that the things she says just take me aback and I am lost on what to say