My name is Kabrina Budwell and I am the voice and techy behind The Matters of Motherhood!


I am in love with helping other mamas feel included and getting you information that you need NOW, so that you are not worried about regret later. (So not our thing, right?!)


After running my business over at Imagination Signing (aka imagiantionsigning.com) I was amazed at how many moms felt sucludded, how many of us were runnning around like chickens with our heads cut off, and how we all felt like we needed, and still need, to have our FaceBook face on every second of every day.


Well let me tell you, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! There is no super mom and there is no way to have it all. We all have beautiful children with their meltdowns and kisses, mood swings and sweet smiles, and you know what, that is enough.


The Matters of Motherhood came out of that. YOU ARE ENOUGH


Let me say that again




That's it. No more FaceBook face, no more worrying about every gray hair, wrinkle, and pound, this is a place for you to be you and learn about what other women out in the world are doing, WHILE BEING MOM!


You are passionate, you are creative so let it shine! Find other moms who are interested in the same things as you and join us every week for a little time for you to see your purpose, be inspired, and to be encouraged.


Welcome to your little slice of heaven!