A Small Message: Sincerely Silver Review

This review is done as part of a promotion. I received the product in exchange for a review. All views are my own.

As a mom I find myself not having a lot of jewelry options any more and as my kids get older and out of Mommy Necklaces stage, I no longer have cute things to put on when I go out. (you know those seldom occasions without kids 😉 )

I am also all about small and dainty. I know that the style of chunky jewelry is a huge (pun intended) thing, but it is hard to wear bigger jewelry with a smaller frame. That is why I am in love with Sincerely Silver. There jewelry is dainty and is meaningful.

I love the “Be Kind” necklace because I say that to my kids all. the. time.

You can grab the “Be Kind” Necklace by clicking here.

The great thing is, however, is that they have a ton of customizable pieces like this baby fingerprint and mama bear necklace.

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You can even use your own handwriting! If you have a special thing that you say to someone then this is the perfect thing to get that will be beautiful and meaningful. One thing that I say to my kids often that I will be getting for them as they get older is, “I love you more than sunshine”


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What is something that you endearingly say to your kiddos that would be perfect for them on a Sincerely Silver necklace?

If you decide to order a piece I would love to see what you chose and if you customized it in anyway! Pop a comment under this post with your image and why you chose that piece!

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